Bulk Foods

Whether you are searching for dried beans, soup mixes, rice pilafs, dips, pastas, or that rare confectionary, try our bulk food shelves. You are sure to find many essential cooking and party items at reasonable prices that your budget can afford. Our helpful employee family is ready to answer your inquiries and give you ideas for dinner menus or food preparations. We carry products from reliable companies and brands like “New Hope Mills”, “Amish Wedding Foods”, “Bob’s Red Mill”, and “Troyer’s Meats and Cheeses”.


Devoted to those with special food diets are a section of gluten-free, no sugar added, and organic products.

Enhance you dishes with a favorable twist that you will find in our large line of spices and seasonings. Discover your favorite meat rubs, sea salt, spices and the exclusive Trails End all purpose seasoning on our bulk food selves.

Enjoy a rich cup of coffee from our selection of fresh coffee beans. You will find a coffee station that is equipped with bean bins filled with flavored and profile beans, bags and grinders for your convenience. All you need to make a delicious “top of the morning” cup to start your day!